Our experience was put into place to fit in a very critical applications, provides the reliable solutions to keep the client’s systems healthy and more productive.

For Cooling Towers Plants, we provide complete solutions through the Sweeper System, which enhance the cooling tower performance.

Sweeping system removes solids that clog spray nozzles and other small orifices.

This helps to:

  • Maintain original nozzle which is designed for efficient spray coverage
  • Prevent wear abrasion and clogging – reducing frequency of nozzle replacement
  • Maintain overall product quality through cleaner nozzles, reducing the need to scrap product due to quality.
  • Area of Usage:
    • Chilled and Hot Water Systems
    • District Cooling Plants
    • Cooling Towers Plants.
    • Heat Exchangers Applications

Suspended solids (dirt, silt, sand, airborne particulate matter and corrosion byproducts) in cooling tower water form deposits and collects on heat transfer surfaces, cooling tower fill, cooling tower basins, and spray nozzles. Collection of suspended solids in heat transfer equipment results in scale and fouling -thereby leading to loss of heat transfer efficiency, increased maintenance, and decreased equipment life.

Evaporative coolers and cooling towers offer a warm, moist environment for biological Activity to grow and multiply. Biological Activity (algae, legionella, slime and biofilms) contributes to fouling of heat transfer surfaces (including tower fill), corrosion in all parts of the cooling tower system and creates health hazards.

Corrosion in cooling tower basins is caused by suspended solids that are buildup at the bottom of the basin. These settled solids do not only provide a breeding ground for biological growth but also corrode the basin floor, thus increasing maintenance costs and reducing life of the tower basin.

Benefits of Filtration System
Our filtrationtechnology is built on the basis of Non-Barrier filtration approach to remove solids, as this type of design eliminates the risk of clogging, and provides a high reliability in the operation. Its a highly detailed design which can reach to as low as 25 Microns removal.