The tilting pan filter is used primarily in the manufacturing of phosphoric acid from phosphate rock, and specifically in the dihydrate, hemihydrate, and the combined hemihydrate and dihydrate processes.

The filter offers the facility to discharge the solids as a wet cake or dry cake, and provides exceptional wash efficiencies, in addition to maximum process control. In addition to phosphoric applications, the tilting pan filter has been used in metallurgical applications, such as copper ore, and in specialized applications, such as activated carbon.

  • Unsurpassed reliability due to robust design
  • Heavy-duty rotating frame mounted on support rollers can accommodate extra-heavy loads in times of peek production demand
  • Deep pan depth and horizontal cake orientation allows for flood-washing of solids to extract maximum acid
  • Flexibility in adjustment of filter settings allows for wide range of feed-rates and different ores to be processed
  • Ease of adjustability of central valve partitions allows for optimum distribution of product acid, recycle acid and counter-current wash filtrates which translates into minimum fresh water usage and maximum capture of high strength acid
  • Externally-adjustable cloudy partition to minimize dilution and maximize capture of high strength acid
  • Feed box and wash box adjustment via overhead rails allows best usage of filter area according to filter loading
  • Feed and wash box design allows for uniform distribution of feed and wash across the pan
  • Vacuum box design allows for single or dual vacuum sections for highest energy efficiency and maximum vacuum
  • Single vacuum section for single vacuum pump operation
  • Dual vacuum sections allow for dedicated vacuum pump for cake dry section translating into dryer cake and higher vacuum in cake wash section, because vacuum in washed cake section is unaffected by air ingestion in cake dry section
  • Precision filter cloth-wash assures filter cloth is unblinded for maximum length of time